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Top 3 B2B Tips To Increase Online Conversions

The goal of every business is to drive sales and to increase profits every now and then. Achieving this can be challenging especially when there are a lot of companies offering same products and services. Luckily, there are several factors that can affect the success of a business. One of which is creating a website that will represent the company’s brand in the online market. Recent studies show that consumers nowadays take a look at a website first before making certain purchases. This only means that your website will affect your business significantly.


Optimizing your site in such a way that visits are transformed to sales is quite difficult. However, with the right skills and knowledge about the digital age, then you can definitely do it. If your budget allows it, you can even hire the assistance of professionals who specialize in Website Designing Company in Delhi. Most importantly, you need to be good at Business-to-Business lead generation. Check the rest of this article to learn more about some B2B tips or strategies.


1. Always Go Mobile


The presence of technology has affected a large aspect of our lives. Almost everything nowadays are made available online through the use of the Internet. People go online to find about certain information they are interested of, to search for random stuff or to transact business. Most of these individuals use their mobile phones to access certain websites.

As a company owner, you need to exert some efforts in creating a website that is capable to deal with mobile site visitors. It is important that you consider how your site would appear on mobile screens. The resolution of the photos must work well for both desktop or laptop users and mobile phone users. Always choose to go for a responsive web design.


2. Avoid Complicated Call-to-Action


The one thing that you should put emphasis on is creating features that would allow your customers to easily get in touch with you. There must be a contact page on your site where customers can send you enquiries and engage directly with you. Your call-to-action buttons must be limited to at least two in order to avoid your site from looking messy. Always remember that being minimalist is key. Keep everything simple and do away with anything that is complicated.


3. Create A Brand They Can Trust


As already mentioned above, your ecommerce site will represent your business. It will speak about your brand in the online world. Hence, it is necessary that you build a brand that will gain a good reputation in the market. Get in touch with online influencers to help you promote your website. Through these influencers, you will be able to create an impression that your brand has authority. Your goal here is to get the attention of your target market and convert these people into customers or clients.

When it comes to marketing your business, it is important that you know how to implement your strategies. Focus on creating a website that will offer high customer satisfaction. The site must be optimized in such a way that it will help to increase conversions for your products and services. However, take note that you also need to ensure that what you are offering to the public is always of high quality.


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 By The Edgiss |   31 July 2018
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Top 5 Web Design & Development Trends in 2018

Nothing is constant in this world. Everything is dynamic just like technology. It keeps on changing every single day, just like the way Website Development Services Delhi are evolving.


This is the reason why people engaged in Digital Marketing and Web Designing must keep their selves updated with the latest changes in technology. This is a must in order to ensure that they stay ahead of the game by having the capacity to adapt to the modifications. If you are one of the individuals mentioned above, then this article is for you.


In this article, we will present and discuss the Top Five Website Design & Development Trends in 2018. It is important that you know what the latest trends are so that you can adapt and compete in your industry.


1. Take Advantage of Artificial Intelligence


One of the advantages of the presence of technology is the creation of artificial intelligence. Nowadays, a lot of companies use artificial intelligence programs that are capable of replacing human work. Some of the most common sites that have these programs are Google, Wikipedia and Netflix. Therefore, use the right programs that are able to integrate this feature in parts of your business.


2. Learn JavaScript


When it comes to Website Design, the first thing that you need to understand is that it involves using many programs and languages. As you probably know by now, JavaScript code can be imbedded in HTML pages. Learning how to do it will help you to come up with a fully functional website. Impress your client with a vast knowledge of JavaScript.


3. Control Everything with Smartphone’s


The availability of smartphones in our lives have given us a lot of benefits and advantages. With our smartphones, we can already shop online at the convenience at our own home. There are also some companies who have developed certain products that allow us to control certain things around us through the use of our mobile phones. Phone applications can now enable users to know when their coffee is ready for brewing, or even send a message without actually typing on the keyboard.


4.Keep Yourself Acquainted with Static Site Generators


Using static site generators can be a big help in creating websites. If you are a Website Designing Company, make sure that you know how to go around these static site generators. There are many benefits that you can get in using the said generators. One of which is a high and improved security for the websites that you create. As a result, your customers will feel more satisfied once you presence the final output for their ecommerce sites.


5. Focus on User Experience


At this point, it is important to understand that having a good web design does not only mean that your site is visually appealing. It also means that you focus on user experience or UI. When developing a website, make sure that it is also mobile-friendly. This means that even those who are using their smartphones can still get a good experience with your site similarly with those who are using desktop computers in visiting the site.


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 By The Edgiss |   27 July 2018
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Best Website Design Company - The Edgiss

With more and more population switching from desktops to Smartphone, we understand the necessity of creating website that is tailor made and measurable at the same time. Digital operators are widely popular and we at Edgiss excel in curating website for your company.


Edgiss is a finely polished Website Design Company which sets out to create user friendly and highly scalable websites for its customers and thereby potential users. Our company remains sincerely dedicated towards providing other enterprises, large as well as small scale industries with crucially customized websites. Ours is native Ecommerce Website Development Company in Delhi. We work with latest development technologies and our process remains transparent and communicative.


Understanding the requirement and creating a user friendly, customer satisfied website design is our forte. We trust in customization to create user generic website. Our website design companies put our finest brains in developing a creative product on all the operating software.


‘We are striven towards creating the best from the rest.’

Some of our areas of focus remains:

- Customized website development services

- Customer focused website development

- Frequent website up-gradation

- Post development support and maintenance

- Certified website structure on smartphones, desktop and laptops


Website attracts a lot of digital friendly users. Larger access demands for greater needs and wants. Digital platforms that are user friendly needs a website that is updated and high end to meet potential user’s wants.


Edgiss works on latest technologies and ground breaking ideas through a meticulous process of listing out various aspects of beneficiaries and risks. Our brainstorming methodology yields substance website customization ideas. Our website development firm has served numerous customers with ahead satisfactory results.


Our Domains

We at Edgiss believe in variants. Covering multiple domains remains our key to developing successful websites.

- Business modified websites

- eCommerce websites

- Media Websites

- Learning and training Websites.


 ‘Your vision is our aim. We are skilled at turning visions to experience’


 By The Edgiss |   21 July 2018
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Custom Website Designing - Expert Web Design Company Delhi, India

Nothing normal has ever made a mark in the world! It’s for things that are on the edgier end which garner the maximum eyeballs. Same is the case when it comes to website. Needless to say how important a website is for a company? The first interaction between a company and its audience, website holds all the information about the company. This clearly means that the more creatively designed a website is, the more likely it is to get profit and eye numbers.


A plethora of designing companies present in the market come up with techniques to design a website but it takes something to be different. is one website that gives 100% assurance of a highly interactive and creatively designed website which is created in a way to keep the viewers engaged. The company has skilled set of designers put forward that work on UI/UX in a pro manner so as to comprehend the viewers to have a fuller look at the website.


Your website is of utmost importance to your company and one just can’t compromise with its designing and creation. It takes only the best to come up with something that hasn’t been presented before. And there is no better choice that Edgiss when it comes to trusting a Website Designing Company with your first point of interaction.


Some of many reasons to choose Edgiss would be highly experienced designers and on time delivery. Edgissit uses only the most advanced technical tools to bring your website on board. has a record of delivering some of the most successful and highly interactive websites that are far ahead of their competition. So if you’re looking out for a platform that understands your website creative vision and delivers something that you haven’t really thought of, then Edgiss is your destination.


 By The Edgiss |   09 July 2018