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A successful Ecommerce Web Design can help its customers a better experience and increase sales. Therefore, get ready to influence your customers by fulfilling their expectations and enhance your returns on investment.

The Edgiss offers its customers One Stop Ecommerce Business Solutions & Services

  • We make exclusive Ecommerce website designs which drive the traffic to website, increase number of leads, and convert visitors into buyers instantly.
  • We help you to keep your brand and design consistent for any kind of platform such as Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer, Consumer-to-Consumer, etc
  • Whatever is your status (whether you are just about to start a new business or want to spread wings of your business), we are always there to assist you in your affordable budget.


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    We are team of young, dynamic, passionate, innovating and dedicated people. Creativity can be seen in our every aspect of work we do. With the help of technology in trend, we do magic in this world of Ecommerce Business. We deliver best quality products and services and help to take your business to the heights. Our style of working is very simple but professional. We always try to make everything smooth including IT sector. We do not compromise with the quality whether it is related to us or our clients.


    Ecommerce is a place where one can grow boundlessly. And if you have good products and services to provide customers, do not stop yourself and without thinking much get involve yourself in Ecommerce business because you don’t have any idea where this particular track can takes you. Our Creativity can definitely assist you to grow your business, as we work for bliss not for money only. Edgiss is founded only on the pillars of interest, determination, dedication, honesty and integrity towards our work and commitment to you.

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    We do our work with simplicity but professionally. We do not let our clients’ expectations down. This professional behavior of Edgiss connects our clients with us for lifetime. You can get easy services whenever you want it because our team works around the clock to make your dreams come true. We simply believe your success is our happiness. In fact you can share your ideas with us as well and we give that idea a new approach with help of our expert team. Professionalism does not mean profit yourself actually it means development of everyone that connects with you.


    We never leave you alone in the time of need that is why; we are available for 24 hours. We provide the best possible support in terms of security, accessibility and maintenance. We support you to reach on top and for the smooth operation of your business. Get all the information instantly and if required, can talk to any member of our team and make changes wherever you want.

Why Choose Us ?

We don’t get experience till we don’t use any product or service. Then how will you trust us and connect with us without getting any good experience? The simplest way is go through our website, have a look at our services, work domain and clients. You will find that our way of working is different from others especially, our personal connectivity with the clients. We are creative, simple yet professional towards our work and clients. We strive to provide high quality IT Solutions at affordable prices and very professional towards our work and clients.

We has grown enormously in the last few years. It becomes everyone’s favorite because people can shop anytime very conveniently. Our experts provide over the edge E-commerce solutions for startups and existing businesses. It is a vast competitive market and those who can satisfy customer’s expectations are going to experience tremendous sales. We help you to make an effective and unique E-commerce website.
Featured Services
Our come with features which transform your online presence and make you stand out of competition.

Ecommerce Store Management is nothing but managing the website completely right from picking and packing orders, managing inventory to give replies to customers’ enquiry. The entire process can be conducted through the given following procedure:

- It includes offering cross-product discounts, appropriate pricing and managing how products
   relate to one another.
- Designing, hosting, process of payment, products promotion, keeping operation details are
   the most important aspects.
- Managing and tracking inventory, as it is crucial to run a business successfully.
- Analyze and monitor all the things by using latest technology.
- Update customers via notification of new available products and services. Also, display
   related products and recent search by other buyers.
- Give an outlook by comparing with similar products.

Store Management

Customer Management Ecommerce business is one of the best way to enhance your business and accomplish the goals but the customers plays a very important role in this process. Without customers who is going to buy products and services, hence, there is no existence of any kind of business. Our customer management tool helps you in the following ways:

- Maintain a customer database.
- Keep a track of customer activities.
- Track the shopping trends of customers.
- Customized deals for different customers.
- Alerts about the website on customer account.

Customer Management

Orders placed by the customers need to be maintained properly because it is the main source of revenue. This is also an important aspect for maintaining Store Management and Customer Management System. Our Order Management system has below mentioned benefits:

- Checks with Store management system about the availability of product.
- Notifies Store management system about the dispatch details.
- Processes order.
- Notifies Customer management system about the order.
- Keeps a track of the order.
- Generates an order number and notifies customer about the same.

Order Management

It is a salient feature for any Ecommerce business. If you provide only services not the real or materialistic products then also you need an easy way for providing the services. Do not underestimate the importance of Shopping Cart development. Here are some of the causes why shopping cart development is essential for Ecommerce website:

- Completely customizable.
- Acts as an interface between Store and Order management systems.
- Generates tax invoice.
- Notifies Store management system about inventory.
- Acts as an online catalog for customer.

Shopping Cart

The link between an Ecommerce store and gateway is called Payment Gateway Integration. It is a web-based service that helps in integrating into an Ecommerce Website’s shopping cart. It collects payment information about the customers. The major problem is security i.e. encrypting the data and transmits it to the bank for authorization who has issued the card then to the merchant and from merchant to the payment processor. Incorporating Payment Gateway Integration is the most important thing one needs to do to increase sales. Get the information below about significant feature of this:

- Safe & Secure payments.
- Various payment options like debit card, credit card, net banking etc.
- Integrated with your bank account.
- Hassle free transactions.
- Tax calculation and remittance made easy.

Payment Gateway

For success of any endeavour marketing and promotion is highly required. But remember, do not commit anything false at the time of marketing because a good quality product or service is vital to gain the trust and holds the customer for long time. Therefore, we provide the following marketing and promotion options for Ecommerce website so that your business can be flourished:

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Pay Per Click (PPC)
- Banner Ads
- Social Media
- Bulk Emailing
- And Many More

Marketing & Promotions
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01.Fully Responsive Design

Responsive website designing is something that you cannot ignore while preparing for the battle to be the best in this competitive world. This is the only way you can build a place in customers’ heart and brings a huge number of traffic to the website.

03.Easily Adaptable

All designs are just awesome that are being created by our innovative minds. Our team works on the latest trend and technology simultaneously we maintain the positive energy in the surroundings. Our designs are very adaptable even though they attractive. One can easily access and configure it on any kind of device. It runs smoothly and helps in fast process.

05.Professional Quality

We follow a stringent quality process to make sure you get a quality product which matches value for money. You get the same services as committed by us, We deliver quality products to every client

07.Live Chat

Live Chat integration is important so you can communicate with your visitors on website. With this help of this interesting feature you will never miss any business opportunity.

02.Animated Sections

A beautiful designed website influenced everyone that makes you different in the crowd. Animation enhances the visual effect of your website, and improves conversions. But it is not that much easy, it requires the application of a range of tactics.

04.SEO Friendly

Search Engine Friendly websites are always considered by the clients because customers find them user friendly. Accordingly, we develop applications that are search engine friendly, it helps in rapid growth of business in fact we assist our clients to make necessary changes in your website content whenever they required. We develop applications which are search engine friendly.

06.24/7 Support

We are happy to provide you assistance for 24 hours. You can get any info or help just by dialing our consultation number or by sending mail to us. Free consultation with good service is available here.

08.Google Analytics

Integration of Google Analytics monitors the traffic on your website. We enable Ecommerce for each and every view in which you want to see Data. We add tracking code to your site or application so that you can collect the Ecommerce data and send it to Analytics.

Our Internet Marketing Expertise

Your concept, Our Expertise


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process of getting “free”, “organic”, or “natural” traffic from search results on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. In layman terms SEO refers to a process through which we raise the ranking of a website or group of websites on the search result page of a search engine.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click or PPC is an internet marketing tool through which a website owner or publisher buys visits for his or her website. It is a process in which a website owner or publisher pays a certain fee whenever there is a click made on the advertisement for their website.

Banner Ads

Banner ads or web banners are a popular form of website advertising in which an image or a multimedia object is used as an advertisement in a website. Such advertisements are used for the promotion of a brand or to get visitors visit the advertiser’s website from the host website.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing is an internet marketing tool which uses social media websites like Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc. to market and promote products and services. It is a tool which utilizes the growing trend of social media usage across various spheres of life.